Project Description

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Team Provides Critical Expertise

Comprehensive analysis and due diligence of insurance coverage and policies should be a critical component of any merger and acquisition transaction strategy.

Through analysis and due diligence of the policies and coverage such as those presented below, the SRA Transaction Advisory Team can assess the risk you face as well as make appropriate post-close recommendations that set you up for future success.

Our services are designed to run parallel with your deal – providing expert insight and innovative risk transfer solutions.

Initial Assessment

  • Identify key areas of concern for buyer
  • Evaluate target’s business model
  • Gather insurance data/ policies/ SPD’s

Audit Phase

  • Review policies for adequacy/ deficiency of limits and deductibles
  • Compliance review, including healthcare reform and ERISA
  • Review target’s exposure to losses and potential liabilities
  • Market analysis, providing a comprehensive look at competing carriers/coverage options
  • Review of self-funded plans and adequacy of reserves

Due Diligence

  • Review contract requirements
  • Risk analysis
  • Establish compliance baseline
  • Establish best practices
  • Close and post-close punch list
  • Final recommendations

Ancillary Insurance Recommendations

  • Reps & Warranties Insurance – protects against financial loss resulting from a breach of a representations and warranties clause;
  • Tax Opinion Insurance – transfers risk related to consequences of tax issues, past or future
  • Specific Issue Insurance – protects against issued identified in the due diligence process;
  • Claim or Litigation Buyout – covers the costs of a court judgment, approved settlement or defense costs incurred in litigation up to an agreed cap.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

  • Strategic planning & execution
  • Risk management
  • Human capital consulting
  • Financial and budget analysis
  • Renewal negotiations