Project Description

Experience Essential to Manufacturers’ Many Moving Parts

For 30 years, the professionals at SRA have helped manufacturers and distributors manage risks unique to your industry — risks associated with suppliers who can’t fulfill a contract, physical damage to plants, equipment or products, product liability claims, as well as the growing role the internet plays in the success of your business and more.

Because your dedicated SRA team understands the challenges and complexities facing manufacturers every day, we can tailor a custom solution comprised of just the right combination of property, general liability, workers’ compensation, auto and international coverage. And, because we know your industry and understand your risks, our access to markets is unparalleled.  We have strong and deep relationships with every major carrier that writes for manufacturers and distributors.  Great relationships with insurers pay off in unique strategies that keep clients coming back.

Essential Analysis to Avoid and Transfer Risk


Claims Review — we review your claims history and company operations to help identify ways to reduce claims and your overall insurance cost.

Company Operations — We review operations and contracts looking for ways to refocus your insurance, consolidate policies and transfer risk.

Experience Modification Rate Review (EMR) — We review for errors that could cost you money and, if needed, petition prior insurers and the NCCI for corrections.  We also have the capability of projecting the modification factor prior to the NCCI calculation.

Due Diligence for M&A — We analyze current liabilities and open claims, review the existing risks and insurance portfolio and provide due diligence to help facility acquisitions and mergers.

Business Income — A Vital Part of Your Program

A well designed Business Income Insurance plan can give you peace of mind that you’re covered when things go wrong. We will evaluate your exposure to manage business interruptions, loss of facilities, loss of earnings, loss of rents and loss of profits.

Across the Board Expertise

› Local to international
› All client sizes — from a few employees to millions in payroll
› From start-ups to mature companies

Risk Management Technology — because your business is more than just four walls

Cyber Liability — as more transactions move online we’ll help you find ways to protect and insure your technology against security breaches and the potential for significant downtime and financial loss you may suffer as a result.
Zywave — As an SRA client, you’ll have exclusive access to a state-of-the-art, custom tailored, collaborative, risk management website and portal.  In addition to Zywave’s online library of thousands of informative articles and white papers, you’ll find:

› Automated OSHA reporting and analysis — perfect for companies with multiple locations
› OSHA Compliance Materials
› Online Safety Manuals and Safety program templates
› Ready to print fliers and payroll stuffers and employee education and communications campaigns
› Two-way document posting
› P&C surveys to find out how you compare to other companies
› Easy connection to a nationwide network of industry peers
› Links to thousands of websites from how to deal with the possibility of Swine Flu to Ocean Cargo Shipping tool and tips