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Lean HR Departments Need Support. ThinkHR Can Help!…By Matt Benge

Post written by Matt Benge, Consultant at SRA | Board Member | FIJI  | Competitor | Chiefs, Royals, Jayhawks Fan | Outdoorsman | Connector of people

Many people aren’t aware of all the hats HR professionals wear in their organizations. They hire, fire, handle payroll, take employees questions/gripes, administer employee benefits, handle sales calls, train employees, and more.

HR Directors/Managers/Administrators are key to an organization’s success and their contributions many times gets overlooked.

As insurance consultants, our job is to take as much off their plate as possible with respect to the administration of their company’s insurance program and to also help make certain they’re compliant. The Affordable Care Act has added to those compliance duties and the confusion that accompanies each new regulation.


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4th Annual MAGIC Camp: Mentoring A Girl In Construction

Post written by Karra McGreevy, Account Executive at SRA

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in the planning & execution of the 4th annual National Association of Women in Construction’s MAGIC (Mentoring A Girl In Construction) Camp.

It was a free event for high-school females and was held at the Builders’ Association Education and Training Facility in North Kansas City.

The goal of the National Association of Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) MAGIC Camp is to expose young females to the construction industry and show them the wide array of opportunities available in this space.    […]

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Price Transparency: A Powerful Tool To Help Consumers Manage Their Healthcare…By Matt Benge

Post written by Matt Benge, Consultant at SRA | Board Member | FIJI  | Competitor | Chiefs, Royals, Jayhawks Fan | Outdoorsman | Connector of people

A few months ago, in Part 1 of my blog series on “Consumerism” in healthcare, I wrote about the importance of engaging employees in the healthcare process.

I discussed how it’s imperative for employers to allow their employees to have some “skin in the game” so that they treat healthcare services like most other purchases in their day-to-day lives. In turn, smart decisions will be made, employees will understand the value in their benefits, and employers will save money long-term.

Simple concept, right?

While it sounds like it might be overwhelming to the employee, more and more tools are becoming available to simplify the process, interpret complicated jargon and billing codes, and navigate through a healthcare system that is undergoing increasing reform.
One concept that’s beginning to take hold is healthcare price transparency.

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Post written by Stephanie Spencer, Claim Manager at Schifman Remley & Assoc. | Triplet Mom | UGA Volleyball Fan | Runner

Workers’ Compensation Insurance began in 1915 and is a regulated, mandatory benefit to protect individuals injured on the job. Policies are renewed on an annual basis.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of strict-liability, or no-fault, compensation. This means it is irrelevant who caused an accident or injury–the existence of a work-related injury triggers compensation under the workers’ comp insurance policy.

Under workers’ comp, a worker is entitled to compensation for an injury regardless of whether the employer or some third party was at fault, or if the injury was caused by the worker’s own negligence.
The handling of a Workers’ Compensation claim may be as easy as handling a few medical bills or it can become extremely complicated. Either way, the cost of each claim directly affects your insurance premiums.
The real cost of accidents can be measured and controlled through the right Workers’ Compensation insurance policy and an effective risk management program. For every $1 a company pays in insurance premium, it will spend up to $10 in uninsured miscellaneous costs.

So, what are examples of Insured Costs? […]

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A Look Back At My Fifty Years In Insurance In Kansas City…By Richard Atlas

It’s hard to figure out where to start. As a young man, I attended the University of Michigan and graduated from the School of Business.  At that time, most of my friends had no idea what business school even was…boy, have times changed.

After graduation, I entered a family insurance agency which had been started in the 1940’s by my dad and his partner, Tommy Rogovein. It was called Atlas-Rogovein, Co – named after the two principals.

We were located in downtown Kansas City at 15 W. 10th Street, across from what is now the Kansas City Public Library. In those days, downtown was truly the hub of all business activity for this area – especially the financial segment.  In fact, all of the insurance companies were within walking distance of our office.
Back then, the world of insurance was based on “paper” and computers weren’t even a dream yet for everyday business.  There wasn’t even a Homeowners policy when I first started – though it did arrive not too long after.

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