Fireworks BlogBy: Gabe Wooldridge, MBA, AINS – Express Solutions Producer and Private Client Consultant

Many Americans take part in the annual tradition of setting off Fireworks on the 4th July in celebration of our countries freedom. While the celebration of American Freedom is encouraged, it may be best to watch the displays provided by the professionals. Fireworks can wreak havoc when not in a controlled environment damages range from personal injury to extensive property damage.

Just look at the explosive statistic’s according to the National Fire Protection Agency:

  • In 2013, fireworks caused an estimated 15,600 reported fires in the U.S., including 1,400 structure fires, 200 vehicle fires, and 14,000 outside and other fires.
  • Two thirds of the fires started by fireworks in 2009-2013 were brush, grass or forest fires.
  • In 2014, U.S. hospital emergency rooms saw an estimated 10,500 people for fireworks-related injuries.
  • However, most of the injuries and property damage resulted from structure fires More than one-quarter (28%) of fires started by fireworks in 2009-2013 were reported on Independence Day. Almost half (47%) of the reported fires on the Fourth of July were started by fireworks.
  • Males accounted for three-quarters (74%) of the injuries. Children ages 5-9 were 2.4 times as likely as the general population to be injured by fireworks. Youth ages 10-19 had a risk 1.8 times the overall risk.

As you can see from the statistics there can be extensive danger associated with Fireworks if not properly handled. Here are a few Safety tips to lower the risk of injury to your property or person:

  • Obey the law: If you do plan to conduct a personal fireworks display check the city ordinances to verify fireworks are legal in your city.
  • Use Fireworks outside in a location free of trees and structures
  • Have water on hand in case of emergency
  • Do not reignite a defective firework – wait at least 20 -25 minutes and soak the firework in water
  • Light one Firework at a time
  • Keep your distance – the audience should keep an appropriate distance away from the display and the shooter should use eye protection.


Have a wonderful safe 4th of July!