gabe-photoBy Gabe Wooldridge
Consultant, Private Client Services

When you’re a homeowner in the Midwest, water damage can wreak havoc on your home and possessions. Water damage can occur when you least expect it. There are three major aspects of the dreaded words “WATER CLAIM” and how it is or isn’t covered under your homeowner’s policy. This section will review frozen pipes.


The majority of homeowner’s policies have coverage for sudden and accidental losses that occur from frozen pipes. A frozen pipe while on vacation can cause extensive damage to homes.  This sort of sudden occurrence from an event is typically covered on a homeowner’s insurance policy. One aspect to review is that even though a sudden broken pipe is likely covered on a policy, insurance companies will exclude coverage for prolonged water loss – like a continual drip that causes damage over a period of time.


Many times frozen pipes can be prevented even in the most frigid regions. There are three smart was to prevent frozen pipes when the temperature drops below freezing:

  • Homeowners should keep the heat going inside the home even while traveling to keep the pipes warm.
  • Allow the faucet to slightly drip into the sink to allow the water to flow without bottling up to freeze.
  • Open cabinet base doors on all the faucets to allow the heat of the home to reach the pipes.

Review your Coverage

On your insurance policy you will want to review your coverage with your agent. There will be specific coverages related to water damage on the policy. Not all policies are created equal so reviewing this section on your company specific water coverage is important. Reviewing these coverages will help give you piece of mind.