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Many people aren’t aware of all the hats HR professionals wear in their organizations. They hire, fire, handle payroll, take employees questions/gripes, administer employee benefits, handle sales calls, train employees, and more.

HR Directors/Managers/Administrators are key to an organization’s success and their contributions many times gets overlooked.

As insurance consultants, our job is to take as much off their plate as possible with respect to the administration of their company’s insurance program and to also help make certain they’re compliant. The Affordable Care Act has added to those compliance duties and the confusion that accompanies each new regulation.

Now, with a great tool called ThinkHR, SRA can do even more to make an HR professional’s life easier, educate them and make them even better at their job.

Instead of having to search the web for answers to complicated HR questions or spend money on a lawyer or accountant, ThinkHR is there to help.

THINKHR (Small)ThinkHR gives you:

  • Access to a Live HR Advisor (PHR Certified) 11 hours a day;
  • An HR Library filled with “how to guides”, over 200 training courses for HR and other employees, state-by-state regulations, safety guidelines, wellness program information, compensation and job description builders and much more;
  • Compliance alerts;
  • Most importantly, it saves time and money!

Click on the link below to watch a short video that provides even more information about all of the benefits of ThinkHR!

ThinkHR Video 

As you can see, ThinkHR, and all of its features, allows HR professionals to be more efficient at their jobs while at the same time becoming more knowledgeable about all of the complex issues facing them each and every day.