Post written by Karra McGreevy, Account Executive at SRA

Mentoring (Small)I recently had the pleasure of taking part in the planning & execution of the 4th annual National Association of Women in Construction’s MAGIC (Mentoring A Girl In Construction) Camp.

It was a free event for high-school females and was held at the Builders’ Association Education and Training Facility in North Kansas City.

The goal of the National Association of Women in Construction’s (NAWIC) MAGIC Camp is to expose young females to the construction industry and show them the wide array of opportunities available in this space.   

The female-led camp introduces high school females to bricklaying, cement masonry, carpentry, welding, cutting and burning, and electrical…all through real hands on projects.   There’s nothing better than watching a young woman with a torch perfecting welds!

In addition to the hands on projects, the girls were introduced to owners, lawyers, accountants, estimators, engineers, architects, project managers and surety professionals during the Professional Development Session, which was added in 2014.

While the event takes months to plan, it flies by in just five days and the MAGIC Camp attendees are back to their summer break with a better understanding of the construction industry and the job opportunities that are available.

To learn more about the National Association of Women in Construction, (Greater Kansas City Chapter, Missouri Chapter 100) visit